The Peninsula Music Festival - Sustaining Committee

The Peninsula Music Festival Sustaining Committee is the volunteer arm of the Music Festival family. Door County Music at its finest!

Its Mission Statement reads:

The Peninsula Music Festival Sustaining Committee shall operate as an adjunct organization to the Peninsula Music Festival, Inc., for the sole purpose of volunteer and financial support for the Festival, orchestra, staff and membership.

The Peninsula Music Festival only has a full time year around staff of two. Without the assistance of the Sustaining Committee, the Festival would have to hire more staff.

Some of the duties that the Sustaining Committee undertakes include:

• Act as monitors at all rehearsals, assurring that there are no interruptions.
• Transport guest artists to and from the Green Bay airport and to their rehearsals and concerts while in Door County.
• Provide rehearsal break food for the orchestra and their families on concert days. (Photos:  right: Lunch break prepared by the volunteers BEFORE the musicians have descended upon it! below left: Musicians line up on break to devour the great food prepared by the volunteers!)
• Host the opening night reception immediately following the concert for the orchestra, subscribers, sustaining committee members and the guest artist.
• Provide ushers and parking attendants for all concerts.
• Entertain the orchestra at the annual potluck picnic.
• Assist the Festival staff with mailings and other office duties.
• Meet new friends including the members of the PMF orchestra and other volunteers.
• Have Fun!


The Sustaining Committee meets May through September including a volunteer recognition luncheon hosted each September with special guest, Music Director Victor Yampolsky, as the speaker. Each year, the Sustaining Committee members are the first people to hear about the next season of the Festival.

Membership dues are $25 per person, $35.00 for a family or $50 for a Supporting membership.

August Symphony Series performance location

Door Community Auditorium - Fish Creek 

The Peninsula Music Festival - 10347 Highway 42

Unit B Green Gables Shops 

P.O. Box 340, Ephraim, Wisconsin  54211


Phone: (920) 854-4060