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The PMF Performance Database includes all orchestral works performed from the first concert in 1953 through the 2022 season.

When entering search terms, please note that composers are listed by last name, or last name first when more than one composer shares the same last name (e.g. Bach JS and Bach JC). Soloists and conductors are listed first name first. To browse the entire list, click the submit button with no search terms entered. The search or browse results are listed in alphabetical order by composer.

To search for Performance Dates: To see an entire year, enter the year (e.g. 1953). To see a particular date, enter the date in the format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 1976-08-21). To see what was performed on a particular date in all years, omit the year (e.g. 08-21).

The search functions will return any record containing the specified elements. (e.g. entering William in the Soloist field will return all soloists named William. Entering Hahn will return all soloists with the name Hahn)

Please report any errors in this database. We appreciate all such reports and they help us improve the accuracy of the database. Please report any errors or suggestions to the webmaster.

The Peninsula Music Festival Database Curator is John Brauer.