Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear?

The Peninsula Music Festival is located in Door County, Wisconsin, an area that is on a peninsula and attracts a large tourist population in the summer. Many of the people who attend the concerts are on vacation and may have spent the day at the beach, hiking, or on a boat. Concertgoers attend in everything from jeans to dresses, shorts to suits. Feel free to wear comfortable clothes from casual to dressy — the music sounds as great no matter what you wear!

2. Where do the musicians come from?

The musicians that comprise the Peninsula Music Festival Orchestra come from some of the top orchestras in America. They are all professional musicians representing the Milwaukee, Omaha, St. Louis, Lexington, Dallas and Fort Worth symphonies to name a few. Auditions are held for open positions in the orchestra with the final selection being made by Music Director Victor Yampolsky.

3. When do I clap?

When you arrive at the concert, look at the program page for the evening. All of the pieces are listed in the order they will be performed. Sometimes one piece will consist of several movements and here is where the angst about clapping comes from. After each movement the conductor and the orchestra may take a brief pause. (They may not in some music that specifies some or all of the movements are played without pause) It is currently customary not to clap during the pauses between movements. So the key question is: Is the piece over or is this just the end of the movement? You can either try to keep track of the movements or watch the conductor and refrain from clapping until it is clear the conductor is ready to accept applause. Still not sure when to clap? Just wait until everyone else claps! If you remember that if you are in any doubt, you do not have to be the first to clap, so you really don't have to worry.

The current custom of not clapping between movements is rather recent. It was common early in the last century to applaud between movements. In fact, it was common practice to applaud at the end of the first movement of a concerto until very recent times. Sometimes, even now, it is hard to resist applauding after a particularly stirring movement. If the spirit moves the audience to do so, don't hesitate to join in, even if it is at the "wrong" time.

Applause is an important part of the concert experience. It is the way you, as a member of the audience, can express your feeling about what you have just heard. And, for the orchestra, there is nothing better than hearing an enthusiastic audience at the end of a performance.

4. Where do I park?

The Door Community Auditorium is part of Gibraltar School. There is plenty of free parking in front of the school. The parking lot continues all the way around the back of the school. Parking attendants are at each concert to direct you into spaces. If you need to drop someone off, follow the instructions of the parking attendants and pull down in front of the Auditorium. You will be able to turn around and go back to the parking. (see map)

Please do not park in the lots of surrounding restaurants and businesses. Also remember to keep all entrances to the school clear in case of fire or other emergency.

5. When will the doors be opened for seating?

The ushers will begin seating patrons one-half hour before the concert. Most concerts (But not all! Be sure to check your ticket or the program.) begin at 7:30 p.m. in which case the doors will open at 7:00. 

6. Is the Door Community Auditorium handicapped accessible?

Yes; however, there is no elevator to the balcony. If you need special assistance, please call the Festival office and make arrangements for early admittance to the seating area.

7. Is the Door Community Auditorium air conditioned?

Yes; in fact, it is a cool in the hall because it keeps the music fresh. Seriously, the Festival Orchestra is in standard formal concert dress under full stage lighting which can warm things considerably. So to help keep them cool the Auditorium can be chilly. Bring a sweater or light wrap, just in case!

8. Why do I pay 5.5% Wisconsin Sales Tax on my ticket purchase?

Wisconsin is one of the very few states that charges sales tax on non-profit performing organizations ticket sales. Everything the Festival sells — including CDs, t-shirts, tickets — is charged sales tax. The Festival charges the 5.5% to the customer the same way that other retail businesses do.

Even if you purchase your tickets by phone, mail or internet or don't live in Wisconsin, the sales tax applies because you will be sitting in the Door Community Auditorium in Wisconsin when you hear the concert.

9. Why do I pay a handling fee?

The $3 handling fee charged per order (not per ticket) helps to cover the fees that are charged by credit card companies to the Festival. It also helps to cover the cost of printing and mailing the tickets.

The handling fee, though nominal, does help to keep the ticket prices reasonable.

10. Why do I pay a facility fee?

The PMF charges the $1 per ticket facility fee at the request of the Door Community Auditorium. The fees collected will be paid to the Door Community Auditorium by the PMF at the close of the August season.

If you have further question about the facility fee, please contact the Door Community Auditorium at 920-868-2728.

11. Where is the Door Community Auditorium?

The Door Community Auditorium is located on the north end of Fish Creek. It is attached to the Gibraltar School and is right across the street from Apple Creek Resort and The Fish Creek Grill as well as the Top of the Hill Shops. (see map)

Remember: the Door Community Auditorium does not sell tickets for the Peninsula Music Festival. Tickets are available at the Door Community Auditorium before each concert but all advance ticket sales are done through the Festival's Administrative Office located at 10347 Highway 42 in the Green Gables Shopping Center just north of Ephraim . Tickets may be purchased on-line (follow link on our website) or can be e-mailed, faxed, mailed or phoned to our office.

12. What does the Peninsula Music Festival do in the winter?

The Peninsula Music Festival office is open all year and employs a fulltime staff of two - Executive Director and an Assistant Director. In addition to the August concerts, the Festival presents the February Fest, Benefit Concerts/Fundraisers, radio broadcasts as well as educational outreach in the Door County schools.

Keep up to date on all the Festival happenings by signing up for our e-mail newsletter. We'll send you updates so you can stay in touch with us throughout the year. Come visit us in the winter months and discover that Door County is a great year-round vacation spot with plenty to do and plenty of great music!


Common misconceptions about the PMF


Concerts are sold out

We always have tickets turned back in from season subscribers who cannot attend the concert that evening. We very seldom “sell-out”, so make plans to come on out to the concert, even if it is last minute.

It will be such a long concert

Maestro Yampolsky tries to make every concert last around 2 hours, including intermission. You are usually out of the concert by 9:30 p.m (for concerts with the usual starting time of 7:30 pm). 

PMF tickets are sold at the auditorium

The Door Community Auditorium does not sell our tickets. Tickets can only be purchased 4 ways.

1. In person, at our office in Ephraim - 10347 Hy 42 in the Green Gables Shopping Center north of Ephraim.
2. Phone 920-854-4060
3. Online using our secure on-line ticketing system
4. Evening of Concert - The PMF staff sells tickets at the Door Community Auditorium starting at 6:00 p.m.

It is hard to find the PMF Office to buy tickets

Our office is 10 minutes from the Door Community Auditorium. If you are traveling north on 42, take a left at the Green Gables Shopping Center just north of Ephraim.(10347 Hy 42, Unit B) See map on the Contact Information page...

How could an orchestra in Door County be that good?

Come and hear us, you will be in for a real surprise! The Peninsula Music Festival has been called "World Class" by Henry Fogel. Who is Henry Fogel and what does he mean by "World Class"? He explains in this video:


August Symphony Series performance location

Door Community Auditorium - Fish Creek 

The Peninsula Music Festival - 10347 Highway 42

Unit B Green Gables Shops 

P.O. Box 340, Ephraim, Wisconsin  54211


Phone: (920) 854-4060